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Ergonomically Speaking

A condensed guide to posture for guitar players By Nick Haughton Ergonomics - the study of people's efficiency in their working or, in our case, playing environment As usual, when I set out to research this article, instead of finding a tidy definition of guitar ergonomics, I instead found at least ten of them. As with many aspects of living the guitar, the theme stokes passions and you can find a whole aisle of advice, from yoga, diet and breathing exercises to suction-cup guitar supports and folding footstools.  There are scientific articles about the musculoskeletal system and others which talk of the role emotions play. This article is aimed at helping those who, like me, have wondered (vaguely) about good posture whilst sitting, all right then, slouching on the couch playing my guitar and I hope it will serve, at least, as a common sense guide to looking after your body while playing the guitar. What follows are general guidelines to help you figure out

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